Doggie Day Care

We understand Pet Owners are extremely busy in today's world and sometimes pets are forgotten or left alone. Often these owners come home to a stressed out dog, and rampant destruction, either of the house, or the yard, and neighbors who complain of barking and howling, due to separation anxiety. Pets who are bored and/or lonely can often become destructive and develop bad behavior in a way to act out for more attention. Destructive dogs often behave poorly due to boredom and lack of involvement.

Dogs and puppies are social animals and have the desire of being around other dogs and people. Daycare is a great way to channel their need for this and will allow them to be a better and more obedient member of the family. Socialization is important in the development of a dog because it teaches them how to adapt to and enjoy people, other dogs and different environments. This improves their overall relationships and approach in a variety of situations.

Doggie Day care provides your dog with:

Lots of love from pet lovers all day
Refreshers on basic obedience sit, stay, lay, "no jump", etc.
Daily exercise

Daycare is a great alternative when you have pest control, roofers, remodeling, cleaning personnel, movers in your home or when you are relocating, relatives are visiting or lack the yard or space for your dog to exercise.

$20 for a full day 8am-5pm
$15 for a half day 8am-12pm / 12pm-5pm *dogs must be dropped off M-S 8am-12pm / 3pm-6pm, Sunday 3-6
Medcations: $1 per pet a day for administration, oral or topical medication.

*New clients must fill out an application prior to their arrival. Please complete and return one application for each dog. Applications are available in the application section or feel free to stop in and get one.


Proof of vaccinations is required (failure to do so will result in denial or cancellation of services)

* Rabies
* DHPPC (Distemper/Parvo)
* Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
* Flea and tick treatment

* Rabies
* Flea and tick treatment