Hope's Boarding Camp offers a clean, safe, and loving enviroment for your furry friend while your away. Whether it's one night, one week, one month or more. You'll relax on your vacation or at work, knowing your dog is happy and well cared for at his home away from home. No breed or size restrictions.

While Boarding at Hopes your furry friends will enjoy:

♥ Lots of love from pet lovers
♥ All pet areas cleaned and sterilized daily
♥ Feeding on owner's schedule
♥ Indoor is climate controlled for pet comfort and safety
♥ Strict vaccination requirements for the protection of your pet
♥ Campers are kept separate for play and chow time
♥ Daily exercise

CAMPER Food: You must bring your dog's food in a sealed container (no plastic bags, i.e. such as a trash bag, etc.) marked with your Camper's name and feeding instructions. Hope's Boarding Camp will feed the campers with the food brought by the guardians according to the instructions provided in the Camper Application. Unless campers are a family, they will be separate from all other campers while eating.

You are more than welcome to bring your pup's own doggy bed, toys, treats, etc. However, please be aware that we are not responsible for any misplaced or damaged items.

$42 per night
$14 for additional dog if they can be in same run
Please call for rates on longer stays.

$15 per night
$14 for additional cat if they can be in the same kennel

Medications: $1 per pet a day for administration, oral or topical medication.

*New clients must fill out an application prior to their arrival. Please complete and return one application for each dog. Applications are available in the application section or feel free to stop in and get one.

RESERVATIONS - We recommend booking at least one week in advance during non-holidays, and one month in advance for holiday stays.

CANCELLATION POLICY - For non-holidays, I understand that I will be charged for a full night boarding fee if I do not cancel twenty four (24) hours in advance of my reservation. For major holidays, I understand I will be charged a non-refundable cancellation fee of $50 if I cancel my reservation, regardless of advance notice.


Proof of vaccinations is required (failure to do so will result in denial or cancellation of services)

* Rabies
* DHPPC (Distemper/Parvo)
* Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
* Flea and tick treatment

* Rabies
* Flea and tick treatment